Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Classic Tracks For Classic Times : When House Was House...

Classic Tracks For Classic Times
Rabbit In The Moon - Live - Hallucination Records, Florida [1996]

I wanted to list a few of my favorite sets and as one of my server farms (ESX Hosts) up and bit the dust last week requiring a complete tear down and new LUN built, I may hot link a few from SoundCloud while others will be on servers which fell outside the VMWare Host.

Not to worry, PLENTY of bandwidth to go around...
One of my personal favorite tracks from the day....

DJ Shadow Lost & Found S.F.L.[1996]

DJ Shadow - Lost&Found S.F.L. [UK-CDM-1996]
(PLEASE Right Click, Choose 'Save As')

One of my favorite sets from a legendary DJ and one whom we traveled near and far to see.

John Howard
Live @ Pure Space 1995

Last but certainly not least my vinyl rip of the classic Bones --"Trapezoid" (1992) Right Click, Choose 'Save As')

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