Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chris Karns Cue Point Juggling On A Reloop MIXON 4

Reloop's New Controller : The MIXON2

Well hot damn...That is some incredibly good beat juggling and do I ever love Reloop more and more with each new product they release. I remember when they were just a little company with one or two fledgling products. Now, I consider them to be one of the leaders of the 'Independant DJ Gear' market to weed Pioneer and Native Instruments out of the equation.

Their series of turntables are great to play on and having MIDI mappable buttons actually on the turntable itself is a move of brilliance. Yes, the Novation Dicer did it before but it was poorly implemented and they were just stuck on to the unit. They really only worked well with Serato as well. Not the ones on the Reloop! They are easily mapped to cue points, FX toggles and any other parameter your solution supports through MIDI.

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