Sunday, October 4, 2015

SharePoint 2016 - Conference Videos & More!

The Big SharePoint 2016 Resource list ...

The SharePoint 2016 technical preview is now officially out! That means we all have a new shiny toy to play with (and break our VM's!)! So what's new in SP2016? Where to start and how do you get going? This post will attempt to keep up with the stream of posts that are coming out almost hourly.

Microsoft based articles : 

Download SharePoint 2016 Preview
Announcing availability of SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview and cloud hybrid search
SharePoint 2016 IT Preview Datasheet
SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Quick Start Guide
SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Reviewer Guide
*VIDEO* First Look at SP2016
*VIDEO* What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016

Collab365 Global Conference - Sessions :

Check out this live preview of SharePoint 2016 (Adnan Amin)

Community based articles : 

No More SharePoint Designer; No More SharePoint Foundation in SharePoint 2016 (Adnan Amin)
Azure SQL PaaS for SharePoint Content Databases (Trevor Seward)
Azure Blob Storage for SharePoint Documents  (Trevor Seward)
SharePoint 2016 Large List Auto Indexing  (Trevor Seward)
Using a CDN for Static Resources on SharePoint 2016  (Trevor Seward)
SharePoint 2016 Adds IP Access Restrictions  (Trevor Seward)
SharePoint 2016 Site Masters  (Trevor Seward)
SharePoint 2016 installation first look (Corey Roth)
The Future of Client Side Development in SharePoint and Office 365 (Eric Shupps)
What's new in sharePoint 2016 (Sharegate)
What you need to know about SharePoint 2016 Preview (Vlad C)
What’s new in SharePoint Server 2016 Installation and Deployment (Bill Baer)
Things you need to know before you Install SharePoint 2016 Preview
Why SharePoint 2016 is Important from the Perspective of Search? (Agnes Molnar)
Deprecated features in SharePoint 2016 (MARUTHACHALAM K)
SharePoint Server 2016 encountered an error during setup (Vlad C)
The Buzz behind SharePoint 2016 (C Buckley)
SharePoint Best Practices (Mark Rackley)

Have you installed SharePoint 2016 and got up and running? Please leave a comment to share your experience!

Update - 10/03/2015 - Microsoft just confirmed the other day that they are pushing back the release of SP2016 until Q3 2016 instead of the originally announced (and personally doubted!) Pre-Release to VLK Members in Spring of 2016.

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