Thursday, October 15, 2015

Serato Introduces Streaming With Pulselocker!

Stream Your Serato Sets With Pulselocker!

Published on on Oct 15, 2015

DJs will soon have access to unlimited downloads and offline storage, as well as streaming in Serato DJ in partnership with Pulselocker. This integration will soon allow DJs with a Pulselocker Pro account to search, stream and store an unlimited number of tracks from the Pulselocker catalogue offline in Serato DJ.

From Serato's website: Users with a Pulselocker account will be able to search and stream music from Pulselocker's extensive catalogue within Serato DJ. Pulselocker also offers a unique "offline" storage feature where DJs can store an unlimited amount of Pulselocker music for playback without being online.Coming soon to Serato DJ 1.9.

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