Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Morning Dora...Never Gets Old! Vamanos!

Friday Morning Dora...Never Gets Old! Vamanos!

Just me and the little guy enjoying some "Spanish Culture".

Daddy's Version
 "Arriba up, abaho down cover your belly, it's big and brown"
What I wouldn't give to see the following episode. So there is a huge flood and Dora's father loses his job when the factory is washed away then moved to India for cheaper labor. The family has to pull Dora from school and during a particularly desperate night, Dora's father, to feed his starving family, tricks Boots to come out to the shed with some rotten banana scraps and then knocks him unconscious and proceeds to filet and part him out.

The family is thrilled to have food, especially this delicious meat which Father has stewed along with some local produce and cilantro. All of a sudden Dora begins to cough and choke on her food. Her mother performs the Heimlich and out comes a small piece of a distinct red piece of rubber. Dora rubs the piece between her fingers and thinks and all of a sudden it snaps. She hasn't seen her monkey pal in a while and he isn't here to enjoy the feast. Well....he IS the feast. Enjoy your Boots Stew Dora! Now go sit on the bridge to Revolution Ave. and sell some Chicle!

This is all intended in good fun, not meant to be racist at all and is the result of having to watch one too many episodes of Dora.

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