Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Submit Your Android App to the Amazon Appstore

Getting Your App Onto The Amazon Appstore : Easier Than You Think!

Ok, so you've just finished coding and testing what's sure to be the hottest new, high grossing app on the Amazon Marketplace but how do you get access to all those views and micro-payments? It's easier than you think. Watch this short YouTube video and follow my simple instructions below and you'll be earning fame and residual income in no time!

  1. First of all, you should set yourself up with a few accounts.
    An Amazon Seller account
    An Amazon Affiliate account
    An Amazon Developer account
    A PayPal business account with MasterCard Debit card for easy removal of your funds.
    The best part...these are all free and can be created and in place within a few short weeks (the PayPal portion and getting the debit card being the main hold-up...)
  2. Register a blog, a website, social media page to drive traffic to your stellar new app.
  3. Use your Amazon Affiliate account on each page/post to also generate affiliate income. Try to choose items that you think your potential customers would be interested in and use vertical banners as they are much less intrusive.
  4. Profit.

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