Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some Of The Best Buys For Everything Online! Save BIG! Shop Online!

Take A Break From Eating To Shop Online!

Yay! Let's all celebrate Memorial Day by being good, free thinking American sheep and spend our holidays shopping! As if there were anything else to do...

Anyway, here is my short list of the best deals to be had on the internet for everything from PC hardware to Dab Gear to Musical Accessories. Drum roll please....

1) Transcend 64GB SATA II 2.5" SSD - $29.99 with Free Shipping! always has some amazing deals on PC parts as well as some consumer electronics and plenty of useless impulse buys which seem to get me every time but to get a 64GB Transcend Solid State Drive for less than $30 is a steal!

It's perfect for loading your OS of choice and watch your boot times drop to mere seconds. Yes, 64GB isn't a ton of space but for an OS partition if you will, it will more than suffice regardless of your choice of OS's.

Even Windows 8.1 will fit and leave enough room for upcoming Service Packs and Hot Fixes!

2) 5 x Evil Bundles Hearts BHO Silicone Jars - Assorted Colors - $8.99 $7.61
Wow! So not only are Evil Bundles BHO jars awesome and hold a ton of your favorite extract but here is your chance to grab 5 of them for less than $8 when you use my promo code!Coupon: loovax
    Discount: 15% off   
    Total price:
 $8.95 * 85% = $7.61

3) 1 x Original Honey Straw Glass Nectar Extract Shatter + 2 x Evil Bundles Hearts - $54.95 - $46.71!

Not only can you scoop up some great containers for your extracts the good folks at are running another amazing deal which includes a beautiful and incredibly functional Original Honey Straw Glass Nectar Extract Shatter!

These beauties already retail for $59.95 but today using the Daily Deal and my promo code you can snap one up WITH 2 Evil Bundles BHO Heart Containers for $46.71!!!

 Coupon: loovax
     Discount: 15% off
     Total price: $54.95 * 85% = $46.71

The promo code 'loovax' is not only good for these deals but it will ALWAYS get you 15% off your entire order on any of the DabWizard family of sites which I have listed below. During the checkout process just enter 'loovax' in the Promo Code box and hit Apply and watch the dollars fall off your total!

You will also be entered in my own personal monthly giveaway just by using the promo code on any of the sites. Each month I pick a random person who has made a purchase during the current month and used my promo code and that person gets FREE SWAG ranging from DabWizard custom slaps to TI Nails to Grav Labs domes!
4) HP DC 7900 Small Form Factor Desktop PC with Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, DVDRW, Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit - $239.99 - $169.99

This is a great deal for a family PC, a budget workstation or any situation other than running the latest and greatest games. This PC will fly on boot up, surf the web incredibly fast and tear through whatever version of Microsoft Office you happen to be running.

I have personally worked with quite a few of these machines as a former employer had purchased 25 off-lease at auction and I was tasked with creating a base image, ghosting them, stress testing and customizing each for its intended colleague.

While the small form factor is great for sliding under a monitor or desk, it does make upgrades slightly out of the question but with a Dual Core running at 3.0Ghz and a hefty 8GB of fast DDRRAM, it's unlikely most users will ever feel the need to upgrade with the exception of possibly adding a dedicated video or sound card instead of the on-board ones.

In those cases do your research BEFORE you buy that new nVidia graphics card you've been eyeing as you've only got 3 expansion slots for PCIe cards and they have to be half-height. Not that it's difficult to remove the front flushing plate or cut it down but that still doesn't do much good when the case won't shut due the the huge CPU fan in the way!

5) SEDNA SATA III SE-IHD-301-S1 Internal 2.5" Hdd / SSD Dock - $19.99

So you went ahead and picked up deal # 1 from my list and now you're wondering just where inside that tower of yours you are going to mount this tiny 2.5" high SSD. Wonder no more. The good folks at SEDNA have realized that most of us have at least one full height bay open (unless you have a penchant for more than 2 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives) and have give us a simple, no tools option for mounting that SSD and getting your blazing fast OS up and running.

The SEDNA SATA III will take any SSD (SATA II works as well) and slide into an open bay on your PC with no tools needed. Once in place, installing the SSD is as simple as sliding it into the rear and running your SATA cable from the motherboard to the drive. This is a FAR better alternative than some of and potentially unsafe ad-hoc mounting jobs I have seen and been guilty of as well.

People are usually under the impression that leaving the side panel off their PC or keeping a bay cover open will keep their CPU and other critical parts cooler but the logic here is flawed. With the increase in Hard Drive, CPU, GPU and RAM bus speeds constantly being packed into smaller, more space saving form factors comes the risk of overheating. When you leave the side panel or other case part off you have effectively "decompressed" your case internals and halted the airflow that was meticulously thought out by the board and case designers.

Everything from the placement of the RAM slot to the covers for expansion PCIe slots has been put there for a reason. That reason is to create as much throughput from the case, CPU and GPU fans to spread cool air across rapidly heating components. By leaving covers off or rigging up a new Hard Drive by screwing it to an empty area of the case you have now left yourself open for a much higher chance of overheating and possibly ruining crucial components that make your PC run.

Don't do this. Spend the $19.99 and get one of these great bay mounts. Even if it's not for a new SSD you can still mount perhaps an old laptop hard drive you wanted to slave to get files off of or any other 2.5" height device. Again, I can't stress enough the importance of properly mounting new hardware and for less than $20 you really can't go wrong with this deal. In fact, pick up two because you will want a second one at some point!

6) CYMA CM022 AK-47 FPS-200 Electric Airsoft Rifle - $79.99 - $29.99

If you're into Airsoft for backyard fun or if you're in a league you can't go wrong with this deal from the good folks at Save yourself time and money by getting this electric AK-47 made by CYMA for under $30.

CYMA used to be the red-headed stepchild of the Airsoft world but have really stepped up their game as far as performance, construction and overall quality of their guns lately and this AK is no exception.

As with most electric rifles it can shoot in both semi and full automatic mode, has a magazine capacity of 300 and shoots up to 200 FPS. Included with the rifle is a stock 7.2v 700mAh NiCd Rechargeable Battery and wall charger, a sample bag of BBs, safety glasses and a shoulder strap. The build quality is plastic but doesn't feel or shoot like a cheap gun. The sight is adjustable and pretty darn accurate and has a full size stock complete with faux wood grain hand grip.

For under $30 snap this deal up today and you'll be spraying .20 BBs all over the place. As always, don't shoot at others unless in protective gear and a tournament, don't point it at anyone regardless of intention as accidents happen and for the love of Jebus, DON'T use a Black Sharpie to color in the orange barrel tip as it makes you much more likely to be shot by law enforcement and they don't carry Airsofts...

7) 80 Count Of K-Cups From San Francisco Bay Co. - $34.99 - $31.99

For those of you out there who love your Keurig machine and the ability to brew a hot cup of coffee within 30 seconds, this deal is for you! Typically, my wife and I will go through about 16-18 K-Cups every week. We try to only buy them when they are on sale as the going rate for a 12-Pack of Dunkin' Donuts or Green Mountain Dark Magic Blend (my favorite) is usually right around $10.

San Francisco Coffee Company is running a deal on their 80 count boxes and having had their K-Cups which come in 6 great roasts, I can say that THIS is a great deal on a ton of K-Cups. They carry everything from a smooth Breakfast Blend to a delicious French Roast to my favorite, the Variety Pack. Variety may not be the spice of life (it's Tumeric btw...) but it certainly is the spice of the Keurig world.

Every guest at your parties gets their own blend in 30 seconds. Yeah, the make teas too but this is America and we associate tea with British Dandies (rightfully so).

8) Mens ADIDAS ZXZ WLB 2.0 Athletic Shoe Black - $64.99 - $29.99

If you don't have at least one pair of ADIDAS 3-Stripe Classics sneakers in your closet you don't know hip from dip. Personally, PUMA is by brand of choice but I still own at least 3 pairs of 3-Stripe Classics, all with fat laces too!

I actually own a pair of these in white albeit mine are the ZXZ WLB 1.0 version which are identical anyway. The triple stacked sole is super light and very comfortable, they look great with jeans and with fat red laces strung "suicide" style and are a great sneaker for a great price! You can't find these anywhere else for under $30!

If you're like me and wear a size 11 get them fast as they always tend to sell out on those and size 10's very quickly.

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