Saturday, March 14, 2015

Extracts 101 - Weekend Deal - Best Oil Rig For Under $60!

So You've Got Your Extracts...Now What?

For those of us lucky enough to live in a state in which we access to top shelf medicine in the form of flowers, extracts and edibles it can often be daunting to know which smoking apparatus to buy, especially without breaking the bank.

First, the vape pens that you see all over the place, even at the corner bodega...Forget about them. You will end up spending more time trying to pack, fix or wait on replacement coils or heating elements than you will spend enjoying your lovely wax/shatter/crumble/bubble hash/etc...

Trust me, I have tried them all and even built a few myself and they work great...for about the first 3 times. After that it will need cleaning and even the most rugged and well built coil will become a non-conductive, useless piece of metal if it is separated from the connection points inside the chamber which are now most likely coated in unsmoked extracts or a heavy layer of char and it is VERY easy, even with the most delicate touch, to accidentally dislodge one of your connection points. Congratulations. You now have a useless piece of metal and plastic (if you went cheap) on your hands. You can either a) look online or at a local shop for a replacement chamber or b) toss it on the pile and buy another one. For the record, I have gone through just about every vape pen that was explicitly marketed for extracts and have yet to find one that could withstand more than a few weeks of use.

Go Back To BHO Roots And Get  A Rig!

When BHO first started hitting the East Coast a few years back I was lucky enough to have access to this incredible medicine and was fascinated by the process and took to learning everything I could about it and how to create my own. Years later I have my own refined process, a few failures but a lot of great end product.

My collection of rigs, adapters, reclaim joints and so on is enough to fill 4 padded Plano gun cases. Get them on Amazon for cheap as they can be had for less than $15 and will protect your glass as well as give you a place to store your gear. One caveat, once you get your first rig, you will be hooked. Not on the extracts but on the pure beauty and fun of breaking in a new rig.

So where should I get my first rig and what do I need? Point your browser over to our good friends at and browse through the great deals on glass rigs that are for sale.

I have found (and purchased) a fantastic Tornado 14mm Percolator Rig with a Glass Nail and it hits like a champ and is very well made. 
I have had two "oops" moments where I was sure I had cracked it either from a fall or tip-over but this rig stands up to it all and at a fantastic price.

Upon Checkout, just use the Coupon Code loovax and you will be getting 15% off bringing the cost for this great rig AND shipping to under $58!!


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