Friday, March 6, 2015

DabWizard Fans In Boston! Dabbing Tools, Accessories And So Much More...Now Discreetly Drop Shipped To You!

Reppin DabWizard Boston Strong!

DabWizard has been the one stop shop for all things dabbing since the wonderful extract and many ways and types of extraction have been around...for over 5 years now! Ah, and it seemed like yesterday I was snapping a bit of Blue Dream shatter to toss into my little Elite travel rig and poor mans Creme Brulee torch. Man, it never let me down though!

The Solvent Years : Making BHO With Tane

From the start BHO was made with one of two solvents intended to rip the THC molecules from the plant matter and then through a purging process we were left with the highest, most concentrated smokables we had ever had! Enter tane based shatter and crumble. This process was pretty simple, as long as you weren't an idiot. Common sense and good judgment were all it took to turn some nice nugs into some beautiful extracts and it could be done for the price of an extraction tube, a double boiler, grinder and a can or 6 of refined Butane like Newport ($10/can).

Erl, wax, dabs, whatever you want to call it was starting to catch on, especially in the NorthEast mainly Boston, Providence, Nashua, Manchester and all over VT and Eastern Upper NYC. Prices hovered around $40 per gram but the quality was always top notch and the family was small and pretty closed off from the rest of the peddling world. For one thing, it seemed to newbies that it required too much up front cost to obtain a good rig, a good torch and a nice slab of full met to really get their bang for their buck. Little by little shops up and down the coast caught on; some such as those in NH sell amazing glass at amazing prices. Boston has few if any shops and the mark up on oil rigs and adapters runs in the 400% range. RI shops are just starting to carry quality items. So what does that leave us with. Amazon! No. DabWizard! Yes!

DabWizard was founded in 2009 and has served the extract loving community faithfully with daily deal, great prices from the cheap to the elite and everything inbetween. Not only did their ever expanding online store grow in terms of items, word of mouth spread and the ubiquitous DW slap was starting to cover Andre's 'Obey' stickers in parts of the cities around here. DabWizard and it's products were here to stay.

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