Friday, March 6, 2015

B.I.G. Deal ! 2 Rasta Heisenbergz Jars + 1x Weed Pattern Socks + Notorious D.A.B. Pin - Combo #G6

Ramp Up Your Pin & Dabbing Accessories Collection
With This Great Deal From HappyEndingsL.A.!

Weekend Deal!

You are getting...wait for it, here it comes!
1 x Beautiful Enamel Notorious D.A.B pin, a must for any serious pin collector
2 x Heisenbergz Rasta Colors No-Stick Dab Jars
1 x Pair Weed Leaf Pattern Socks

For just $19.95 plus shipping!!

But wait...let's get the shipping costs for free and drop less than a dun ($20 if ya didn't know!) by using my special checkout code on the order screen shown below. The code is the word 'loovax' but without the ''s!

This will take about $3.83 off the total price of your order bringing it to less than a cool crisp $20 without paying for shipping...all for one coupon code...loovax.

Deal # 2

Let's Give Them One More Deal! Same Checkout code....loovax...gets you the same 15% discount bringing this cool pack in at an even $11!!
Gets you:
 1 ill dab stand
1 dual tip dabbing tool
1 "Go Ahead, Make My Dab" Sticker/Slap

All this for just $11 plus shipping. We're looking at roughly $14 shipped right to you! Just remember to use the coupon code below. And while you're there, take a look at all the other amazing deals and products that your 15% off applies to because it's off the WHOLE ORDER and not just a single item. If you need to restock on dab gear, now is the time to do so and save big money because we all know that tane aint cheap!

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