Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Before Hip Hop's First Civil War (East vs. West) And Lost Two 5 Star Generals In The War

The First Hip Hop Civil War : Fallen General One

It was 1992 and all the East Coast/West Coast bullshit was starting to come to a head and people were being forced to choose sides; many had to follow the "label-line". Somewhere, somehow, Treach (Naughty by Nature), Tupac and Grand Puba found some common ground (Puff Puff Pass!) backstage and decided to throw down a hot cipher.

This moment was caught on tape and has been available online for years, but it’s still amazing to see the three legendary MCs together rhyming just for the sport of it. Each MC flows with aggression, a cappella. When was the last time that current hitmakers were even allowed to spit with someone from a percieved enemy camp/label and slang words instead of beef, light one up and just have fun. That's how hip hop was and should be. I'm afraid that Hip Hop has lost it's roots again and no, not the band, but I wouldn't mind a new Fugees album as long as Wyclef writes for Lauryn Hill and none of her preachy lyrics make it onto another piece of wax EVER!!

"Business Class on The Left, First Class On The Right.
Today's in-flight movie will be "101 Reasons To Hate A Cracker"

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