Sunday, September 28, 2014

Machine Gun Kelly - Mind of a Stoner ft. Wiz Khalifa

Sunday is Funday

Ok, regardless of your stance on pot, the consumption of, or the medicinal value; you've got to admit, this is an ill song with a sick video to accompany it. I was never a big Kels fan until this dropped and ever since I have been chopping his lyrics up to feed the MPC and let's just say the results have been amazing.

If you listen to the song; I mean REALLY listen to the lyrics, you will find that in some way it applies to you and the problems we all face everyday. This song could SO easily have been a Kid Cudi song based on the beats, flow and the subject matter!

Flying Solo-dolo...

bTc #BrickSquad

Update : I can't seem to tear myself away from this video so here are some nice crisp backgrounds for you to use on your machine!

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