Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Thoughts On The State Of EDM Production In 2014

Mind Control Protocol

I have to say, it's really nice to hear some custom kits that folks like JC here have put the time and effort into creating. There are already a ton of "canned" sample kits for the Maschine and that's exactly how they sound; canned. The time invested in creating your own samples, building your own kits and sets and creating your own MIDI mappings is time consuming but like anything in life, if you want it to be good, don't expect it to be easy.

I am not bashing those who use "recycled beats" because there are plenty of top name DJ/Producers who do just that and make quite a bit of money from it but it goes deeper than that. To me, music is not only my passion, my love, my hate, my joy, my frustration but above all else, it is MINE.

I will map every single CC on every piece of gear I own because let's face it. No two people play the same device the same way and it doesn't matter if it's an expensive controller or a used Version 1 M-Audio Axiom! A CC is a CC  is a CC. The time spent making your own sounds, your own mappings not only teach you how to best use the instrument but also help you to define your own sound which is crucial when it comes to producing anything of quality.

Hell, 10 years ago if you were using Fruity Loops on your brand new Pentium III with a whopping 512MB of PC-100 RAM you were considered by most producers as laughable at best; a newbie with no real talent or skills because they weren't using Reason or ProTools. Here were are in 2014 and EDM "artists" like Avicii are quoted in many a trade mag extolling the virtues and flexibility that FL Producer Edition has to offer and the wealth of VST compatible plugins that flesh it out to be a fully featured DAW. And it is.

I still prefer Reason, can't get on the Ableton train and have a serious distaste for all things Mac which rules out ProTools for me. When I need to time-stretch a sample I have my ancient copy of Recycle at the ready running on a Windows 2012R2 Server with Virtual PC in XP Mode just to make it work.

As technology allows us to create on the fly, portable studios that fit in a backpack and all the wonders of Bluetooth one fact remains.

"It don't mean shit if it ain't got soul".

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