Sunday, August 11, 2013

Traktor 2.6.3 Stealth Update: X1 MK2 + Bug Fixes

Traktor 2.6.3 Stealth Update: X1 MK2 + Bug Fixes

So in my previous post I was extolling the pains many of us who patch Traktor on release day often suffer from glitches and sometimes major catastrophes (loss of all beat-gridding and such). I figured I would hold off a week or so, watch the forums and then patch Traktor.

I should have waited another week. Ever since patching I have been having troubles with Traktor locking up when closing out the program, samples in Remix Decks doing "odd" things or failing to load properly and a few other annoyances. Now I know why thanks to Phil @ for the following info.
  • TSP 2.6.3
Mums the word on this new update from Native Instruments to Traktor Pro, bringing the software up one more point to a 2.6.3 version. There’s been no official press release or even a thread in the NI Traktor forums announcing the update, but it is indeed available for all Traktor users to download starting this past weekend. The update seems largely to bring Traktor Kontrol X1 MKII compatibility to the software.
Users are also reporting a few other features are present, including Inertia Scrolling (similar to on iOS) for the library that will work with the Kontrol X1 MKII’s touch-sensitive knobs, as well as a fix for a number of bugs including the slowed browser search and a wav bitrate bug that was plaguing 2.6.1 + 2.6.2 users.
The download is available in the NI personal update manager but includes no full change log from NI that it has been released. So far all we have gotten is the following in the download description on the page:

-Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2-Metadata Sync with TRAKTOR DJ and Key Detection are now also available in TRAKTOR LE 2-Various fixes and improvements

Improvements? Maybe for those of us who own an XI. I just want you to fix your damn product!

*/ End of Rant /*

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