Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rheyne In Studio ... Amazingly Setup. Amazing Sounds. Amazing producer.

 Live looping with Ableton Live and thousands of dollarsmworth of equipment, many of which are custom built. The Que Neo alone is a work of art. The way Rheyne puts together a very minimal looking workspace for music production and performance and hides it all so subtly, nice.

Think outside of the box. The box doesn't exist anymore. Think outside your limits. If emulation technology and pressure level sensitivity can be applied in this manner, all the while resampling at at rate in the thousands per second then there is really nothing we can not do or create. Our technology are our tools. V2 is here. Caveman Revision 2. His tools were weapons, wheels, and flame; we emulate it all across every path technology takes us in our lives.

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