Monday, January 7, 2013

Finally..MIDI Over WiFi With OSC Functionality For Android Users!

Android Users Rejoice!

iPad users have had the blessing of CoreAudio and OOTB functionality with sending MIDI or OSC messages via WiFi or BT but those of us in the Android camp have had very few options and even fewer that didn't require a degree in CS to figure out (lucky I have one!).

Enter FingerPlay Midi!
From the developer's website:

"FingerPlay MIDI is a MIDI controller for Android. Any changes made to the controllers on your phone are transmitted over the WiFi network to a receiving computer using either OSC messages or its own FingerPlay format. The MIDI messages can then be sent to any music software capable of receiving MIDI input." 

.... That's some damn good news.

Want some even better news? It's FREE!!!!

Android users can download it directly from the Play Store by scanning the QR code below or by clicking on the following link.
Download Now!
QR For Download From Android Play Store

If you haven't tried this out I demand you do so now! Go! Now!

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