Monday, January 7, 2013

How Chicago House Got Its Groove Back

Chicago house music is the sound of global pop today. In the 90s, though, it was on life support—until a new wave of producers got its groove back.

Chicago house has been transformed by the globalization of electronic music in the digital age, but a mix from DJ Sneak still sounds familiar.

"You're as relevant as your last mix."

That's a line for a DJ to live by if ever there were one. And if there were ever a DJ to proclaim it, Carlos Sosa is that DJ. Sosa is better known as DJ Sneak, though he also calls himself "the house gangster"—not as a declaration of criminality, but as a ride-or-die pledge of roots. His roots are deep.

Born in Puerto Rico, Sneak moved to Chicago in 1983 at age 13, started practicing on his bedroom decks three years later, and went on to become a global ambassador of the Chicago house sound.

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