Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Numark Pro TT2's Vs. Technics 1210 MK5's ... FIGHT!

Which Setup Do I Go With And Which Do I Get Rid Of?

So I have 2 sets of decks; 1 pair of Technics SL-1210MK5's and 1 pair of Numark Pro TT2's. Normally, I would shy away from Numark turntables but I read a lot about these as well as a lot of reviews and it really comes down to "what do you want to spin and how?".

The specs are very similar on both pairs as far as torque, pitch lock, wow & flutter, etc...

My setup is as such:
The Pro TT2's are in a coffin on a table with a Denon 2 channel battle mixer with the decks setup battle style.
The Technics are on a table 90 degrees clockwise from the Numarks but have a 4 channel mixer and a laptop.The setup is pretty similar with the exception of the integration of the laptop for running Traktor and such (even though I rarely use my Timecode Vinyl).

Now the Numarks are amazing battle/scratch turntables and even have a nice LED display to show you the BPM and position on the track. The Technics however, have instant pitch reset and, well, they are Black Technics 1210MK5's!!! After burning through or selling of any number of 1200's I told myself I would never buy another set of 1200's unless they were Black 1210's. Of course I got an amazing deal on them; both decks in the box with NO wear, perfect condition and no calibration issues and an older but still nice metal Behringer mixer. Both had almost new Technics head shells some nice Stanton clone styluses. $600. Delivered to my house within 1 hour of arranging the deal. Last time I looked just one was selling for around $1200 each.

It gets better. The Numarks which are also in amazing condition, came with a spotless 2 channel Denon battle mixer, a set of Numark cans, a coffin, and a 1/2 Eurolite case with about 40 classic house/breaks/battle/scratch 12" vinyl. $230. Delivered to my house within 2 hours of arranging the deal. I think I also got a small backup 2 channel Behringer mixer with it as well.

Yes, I am a lucky son of a bitch.

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