Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ellen Really Is Funny...

Commediennes? Comeddiennes?Commediennes? Commediennes, That's How It Is Spelled!

Ellen Degeneres is a funny, funny woman. So is Rosie. So is Oprah. And let's not EVER forget to include my favorite, Lisa Lampanelli.

Now when it comes to comedians, it's pretty much a man's game. Sorry ladies but you just don't have that chromosome that we do. It's ok though, you've got some that we would LOVE to have! Like "Women's Intuition" which I believe to be a partially activated part of the brain that allows for pre-cog via empathy and blood ties. A discussion for another day.

As per usual I can't stay on track so the meat of this post is this great video from The Ellen Degeneres Show with T. Pain playing with those Auto-Tune microphones.

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