Friday, April 27, 2012

First Post Is Always The Easiest


I desperately need a central dumping ground for all the little code bits floating around me. My current schema is a chain of post-its, 3 notebooks full of scribbles, and countless folders full of php, txt, and bat files; many of which are just a compiled list of shell command and args with some common functions I like to use.

Perl, Python, Ruby....These are all great languages but in a Microsoft shop they are rarely an option. Don't get me wrong, I love Visual Studio but it makes me miss Eclipse and writing code that I knew would be cross-platform/browser independent.

So besides that stuff which I will sort and put in a usable format, I will also be posting house, acid house, hard house, DnB (Esp UK),Hip-Hop, Breaks and anything else I stumble upon.

Most of the posts will be hard to find VINYL rips from 1991-1999 including promos, test pressings, and white label tracks.

To prove I am not a liar, here is today's music from me to you!

Classic House from 1994:

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